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How do I become a coach?

First you will need to indicate on your player’s registration form that you are interested in coaching. If you do not have a child playing through ESA, but would like to coach a team, please email our registrar.

Next you will need to create a coach account through, you can do so by following the link to the right which says Coaches Registration. During this process you will create a username and password, please retain this for your records.

Finally, you will need to log into your newly created account by following the link which can be found at the very bottom of this (or any) page of our website. Sign in as a coach and then choose ‘Background Checks’ from the top gray navigational bar. Follow the on screen directions to answer a few questions – and you are all set! will email you with the results of your background check.

Season preparation

Prior to each season, ESA holds registration dates for all new and returning players. We will begin accepting registration in June and July for the FALL season and in December and January for the SPRING season. Information will be emailed to all previous season’s coaches about re-registering. With online registration, each player must register individually. It’s the coach’s responsibility to follow-up with parents to ensure they’ve registered online or on our walk-up registration dates if they wish to return to ESA. ALL players from the roster must be contacted by the coach to give them the opportunity to return. If a player wishes, they may choose to register and request to go back into the draft to be placed on a new team.

Coaches’ ID Cards

It is REQUIRED by NTSSA (North Texas State Soccer Association) that all coaches in our association have a background check. We issue Coach ID's to certify that this has been done ONCE PER SOCCER YEAR.


The draft is done randomly by the Board for new players or those requesting to be placed back in the draft. Returning teams may remain together.

Team Meeting

Once you receive your roster, please contact all your players ASAP, so they know who their coach will be. It’s a great idea to coordinate a meeting with players and parents to meet each other and discuss plans for the team such as team name, team roster, Code of Conduct and sign the Medical Release Waiver. Feel free to create a call-tree or ask a parent to be the ‘caller’. Encourage all parents to read the ESA Playing Rules and Bylaws as well as the rules and bylaws of North Texas State Soccer Association.

Team Practices

It is your choice as to your team’s practice location and time. Most teams practice at the local schools or parks. Please be courteous of others; if you do not need to use a whole field for practice then allow another team to use half. Vehicles should never be parked or driven directly on any field.